Who can register ?

The trial is open to licensed and unlicensed runners. Licensed runners must present (during bib collection) their FFA licence which attests to the issuing of a medical certificate.

Unlicensed runners must present a medical certificate stating that there are no contra-indications to taking part in competitive racing when picking up their bibs.

How to register ?

All registrations should be carried out at www.sporkrono.fr

This will take you 5 minutes and you will receive immediate confirmation of your registration. You will just have a form to fill in and a secured payment to make.

What does my registration entitle me to ?

• Participation in the race
Race pack
Your medal
Access to food supplies

When and where do I pick up my bib from ?

Where ?

At the Village Partenaires, at the Forum Saint-Louis.

When ?

On Saturday the 10th of October (from 2pm to 6pm) and Sunday the 11th of October 2020 (from 7am)

How ?

You need to have :
Your notification
A valid medical certificate (unless you have uploaded it online and it has already been validated) or your license
Your ID

The day of the trial, your bib should be fastened to your chest (with pins provided by the organisation) for the duration of the race. It should not be hidden or modified. Any person not wearing a bib shall be removed from the race.

A third person can collect your bib upon presentation of the confirmation email and the medical certificate.

Do you need a medical certificate ?

The medical certificate stating that there are no contra-indications to taking part in competitive athletics, racing or triathlon is mandatory. This medical certificate must be dated within the last year on the day of the race. The FFA licensed runners may provide a copy of their license.

The medical certificate stating that there are no contra-indications to taking part in competitive athletics and racing is mandatory. It should be dated within the last year on the date of the race.

A copy of the medical certificate is accepted. The medical certificate is issued by your doctor.

After the doctor has examined you, he will sign a letter stating that “that there are no contra-indications to taking part in competitive athletics” or that “that there are no contra-indications to taking part in competitive racing”.

I registered online, when should I hand in my medical certificate ?

You can upload your medical certificate online onto our Practical Information page, on www.sporkrono.fr or provide it when picking up your bib at the Village Marathon.

Be careful, if you forget it or if the document does not include the right note, your bib will not be given you.

You can pick up your bib upon presentation of your official notification (which you will receive by email).

Bibs will not be sent by post.

How do I check my registration ?

All registrations automatically generate a registration confirmation email as well as an email as a proof of payment.

It is essential to keep these. If you cannot find them in your inbox, check your Spam folder / Unwanted emails.

Is training provided ?

Yes. To help you attain your goal, free training sessions are provided.

Visit our Facebook page to find all the relevant dates.

How to get to the race and where to park ?

We encourage our runners to share rides. The security plan makes the access to the start difficult on Sunday morning.

Check out our Practical Information page for more information.

What are the start location and start times ?

The start is located at Forum Saint-Louis.

9am for the Marathon and the Half Marathon
9:30am for the 10 km
Where is the arrival location ?

The arrival is located at Forum Saint-Louis.

Are there luggage storage areas ?

The luggage storage areas are free and are located at the Village Marathon (Forum).

You can deposit a closed bag and collect it after the race, upon presentation of your bib.

Where and when can I check my results ?

Your results will be available at www.sporkrono.fr as early as Sunday afternoon.

You will find photos and videos of the race on our website and our Facebook page.

What is the timing system ?

All those registered will be given along with their bib, an electronic chip (in the form of small strips stuck behind each bib) that will be initialized automatically on the starting line and will serve to monitor race regularity at various points on the course (every 5km).

A competitor who does not follow the road will not be classified at the finish.

What can we find at the Village Marathon ?

About twenty exhibitors in the sports, wellness and tourism fields will welcome you and be happy to talk about their activities.

You can pick up your bib, purchase goodies at our boutique and eat and drink on site.

Are there changing rooms ?


Are there showers ?

Yes. They are located in the Forum.

What can we find at the aid stations ?

Every 5km, you will find water, isotonic drinks, fresh fruit, spice bread.

Are there pacemakers ?

Yes ! On the 10km, the Half Marathon and the Marathon your pacemakers will lead you to your timing targets, with a smile.

How does the prize-giving unfold ?

Only the first 3 of the men’s and women’s scratch (all race categories combined) will receive packs from our partners. There are no rewards per category.

The awards ceremony is held at the Village Marathon , starting from 2:30pm.

For the winners : flowers or wine, a trophy, a 2021 bib, tickets for the Regio museums, vouchers from our sports partner.

Can I be a volunteer at the race ?

Of course! Come and join our hundreds of volunteers and make sure that this event unfolds smoothly.

For more information, visit our Volunteer page.




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